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Welcome to the Seed Library

The Seed Library at Winter Park Library increases access to seeds fostering a gardening community and expanding individual capacity for food sustainability. Through experiential learning we teach others to grow herbs, flowers, and food sustainably no matter the garden size or type.

How It Works

Using the Seed Library

The Seed Library is a self-serve collection available to anyone. Members of the public are able to gather 5 seed packets per month to take home and grow, while supplies last. Each packet is labeled with growing information to help make gardening as easy as possible. Then, plant the seeds in your garden and enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of your labor.

Do I have to return the seeds?

No! Please use the seeds in your garden.

When will you get new seeds?

The Seed Library will restock at the beginning of the fall, winter, and spring growing seasons. We will update the website when new seed are available. Stay tuned!

Do you take donations?

If you have seeds to donate, please use the Contact Us form in the sidebar or send an email to to get in touch with a team member.

Seed Library

Winter 2023 Seed Catalog

The starting inventory of the Seed Library for the Winter 2023 growing season is listed below. Click on a variety to access growing information and more about the seeds. Seeds are available while supplies last.


Common Sage
Parsley - Giant of Italy

Thyme - German Winter




Onion - Evergreen Hardy White

Kale - Mamba Hybrid

Sugar Snap - Pea

Broccoli - De Cicco

Cauliflower - Snow Crown


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