Homebound Delivery

Homebound Delivery Procedure and Service Request

The Winter Park Library is happy to offer Homebound Delivery Services for all Winter Park residents who are temporarily or permanently homebound. Through this program, our Outreach Team will choose books, DVDs, and books-on-CD based on your answers from this form and deliver them to your door. Materials pick-up will occur on a regular (tri-weekly, monthly) schedule based on personal preference.

Eligibility for Homebound Services

  • Be a Winter Park resident.
  • Already have or be willing to obtain a Winter Park library card.
  • Have a reliable form of contact (phone or email).
  • Be able to meet our homebound deliverer at the door.
    • Deliveries can also be made to front desk/reception for contactless delivery.
  • Be unable to visit the Winter Park Library in person due to illness, injury, or age.
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