Dream Room Lab

People wearing VR headsets in Dream Room Lab

Dream Room Lab

The Dream Room Lab is the Library’s makerspace of the 21st century and beyond. This is where you can turn your dreams into a reality, and Winter Park Library is with you every step of the way. When the Computer Lab computers just aren’t enough, the Dream Room Lab has you covered with some of the highest-end computers from Apple and HP.

Transform your business from mere concept to reality using our many design programs combined with our Canon ink jet printer, Cricut die-cutter, Glowforge laser cutter, and Ultimaker 3D Printer.*

We aim to provide the community with the cutting edge technologies necessary to obtain success while simultaneously breaking down the most ubiquitous barrier of all: Cost.

*Equipment can be reserved by full-service cardholders. Learn more about our library cards here.

Canon Pixma Pro Printer

Canon Pixma Pro 100

3D Printer

Ultimaker S5 Pro 3D Printer

Cricut Die Cutter

Cricut Die Cutter

Glow Forge Laser Cutter

Glow Forge Laser Cutter

Computer Specifications:


PC x4

Mac x2


HP Envy 34 Ultrawide All-In-One Desktop

Apple 27” Retina 5K iMac


Intel Core i9-11900, 8 Core 16 Threads

Intel Core i9, 10 Core


64 GB

64 GB

Graphics/Video Card

Nvidia RTX 3080 Max-Q

AMD Radeon Pro 5700 XT 16GB