Top 10 Tuesday: New Authors We Read in 2023


By: Brianna Haufman, Marketing and Communications Manager

February 13, 2024


As we step into the promising realm of 2024, the anticipation of diving into new books and uncovering unexplored worlds is so exciting. This week's Top 10 Tuesday is a celebration of fresh literary voices, spotlighting the new authors that the Winter Park Library staff discovered for the first time last year.

Rebecca Ross

Starting off with one of my personal favorite new authors of last year is Rebecca Ross. Ross is known for her YA fiction novels dripping in detail and lyrical prose that transports readers to new worlds. Whether it’s a magical-realism-styled historical novel or a duology based in mythology, her books are so easy to consume and get lost in. I recommend these books to fans of Sarah J. Mass, Leigh Bardugo, and Diana Gabaldon


Nickolas Butler

American novelist Nickolas Butler has been awarded for his work in various mediums, including short stories, poetry, novels, and published articles. Butler’s stories are close to home, highlighting stories of the “American Family”  with themes of camaraderie, coming of age, and friendship. A fun fact about Butler is he has worked in many industries before writing, such as a Bed and Breakfast Manager and hot dog vendor! I recommend this author to fans of Fredrick Backman, Kevin Wilson, and Meg Wolitzer fans.

Madeline Miller

Is Greek Mythology your “Roman Empire”? I highly recommend Madeline Miller. Miller infuses her narratives with vivid imagery and heartfelt portrayals of Greek heroes, leaving readers longing for more. Ideal for fans of Natalie Haynes, Jennifer Saint, and Pat Barker.


book cover

Niall Williams

The beauty of Irish literature shines brightly through Niall Williams's lyrical prose and rich characterizations. His novels, steeped in historical research, resonate with depth and complexity, showcasing a profound reverence for storytelling. Fans of Brian Doyle, Emma Donoghue, and Colum McCann will undoubtedly appreciate Williams's literary craftsmanship.


Rachel Smythe

In the realm of Greek retellings, Rachel Smythe shines with her Lore Olympus series, blending modern language with vibrant illustrations to reimagine ancient folklore. Her portrayal of the Greek Gods exudes a luxurious "Hollywood" flair, captivating readers with its accessibility and depth. Recommended for fans of Katee Robert, and Eddie Campbell.

Grady Hendrix

For those craving spine-tingling tales with a dash of dark humor, Grady Hendrix's works are a must-read. Blending horror and satire, his narratives pay homage to 80s slashers while offering a fresh, entertaining twist. Perfect for aficionados of Mona Awad, Olivie Blake, and Riley Sager.


Jessa Hastings

For aficionados of @deuxmoi and BravoTV seeking a literary indulgence akin to rich celebrity gossip, the Magnolia Parks Universe series delivers precisely that. Set in London, these five books delve into the intertwined lives of fictional socialites, brimming with relationship dramas. Dubbed a "binge-able read" on TikTok, it serves as a refreshing palate cleanser amidst heavier narratives. Perfect for enthusiasts of Cecily von Ziegesar, Suzanne Brockmann, and Jessica Fellowes.


Nadia Shammas

Representation matters to me deeply, and Palestinian-American YA author Nadia Shammas adeptly incorporates diverse perspectives into her comics and stories, spanning genres from fantasy to horror and superheroes. Great pick for readers who appreciate the works of Namina Forna and Holly Black

Hank Green

Hank Green, of Vlogbrothers fame, surprises readers with his foray into sci-fi and comedy-infused novels. With themes ranging from alien invasion to internet fame and friendship, his stories offer a thrilling ride that keeps readers engaged. Recommended for fans of Ernest Cline and Anthony Doerr.


Kate Gavino

Books about books hold a special charm, and Asian-American author Kate Gavino captures this sentiment with her novels and comics, infused with love, found family, friendship, and culture. Her witty, fast-paced writing style ensures an engaging reading experience, perfect for fans of Mariko Tamaki and Jean Chen Ho.