Navigating Tax Season: Your Ultimate Resource with AARP Tax-Aide

By: Earl Turner, AARP Volunteer
January 30, 2024


AARP Tax-Aide Opens February 1st at the Winter Park Library

AARP Tax-Aide is a free, nationwide income tax preparation service operated by the AARP Foundation. Last year, Tax-Aide had over 26,000 IRS-certified volunteers, and they prepared and e-filed over 1.5 million tax returns. Tax-aide is available to taxpayers of all ages. AARP membership is not required. 

In Central Florida, there are 12 Tax-Aide locations, including the Winter Park Library. The Tax-Aide team at the Winter Park Library prepared and e-filed over 800 returns last year

AARP Tax-Aide volunteers are trained to help you file a variety of income tax forms and schedules.  While Tax-Aide volunteers can prepare a vast majority of taxpayers’ returns, in certain situations they may be unable to help.  The volunteers are trained and certified through testing on the most common tax needs of individual taxpayers, but cannot prepare returns they have not been trained and certified to perform. Some of the most common situations that are out of scope for our volunteers are complicated capital gains/losses such as futures or options, virtual currency, rental income if depreciation is involved, and self-employment income if too large and/or complicated. This is not a completed list of income and expenses that are out of scope.

How do you make an appointment?

Appointments are required.  To make an appointment to have your income taxes prepared by an IRS-certified volunteer go to and follow the instructions to schedule an appointment at the Winter Park Library or other Central Florida locations.  If you have questions, please call 1-888-227-7669

Note: The Winter Park Library staff cannot make an appointment for you.

Does the Library have tax forms?

The Library has a limited supply of 1040 tax forms. There are also tax booklets for 1040 and 1040SR. These tax forms are found at the Library's West Information Desk on the first floor. 

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