From Pages to Podcast! Winter Park Library's Podcast Launch

March 4, 2024
By: Jeremy Zorn, Public Services Librarian


The Winter Park Library has a new podcast! Winter Park Library: Books & Beyond highlights the many writers, artists, musicians, expert lecturers, and community leaders who present classes and events at the Library. Podcast host Michael Werner interviews these Library presenters to discuss their interests and passions and to learn what to expect from their classes and events at WPL. Michael joined me for an interview to share more about himself and this exciting new project.


What inspired you to collaborate with the Winter Park Library on a WPL podcast?

A few months ago, I was chatting with Melissa Schneider, the Executive Director of the Library, and the conversation turned to podcasting, so I offered to be a host if she wanted to get one up and running. I’ve always loved libraries and enjoy spreading the word about what great opportunities they provide, so I see a podcast as a natural way to share goings-on with those interested in books, publishing, and the Winter Park Library. From this, the Books and Beyond podcast was born.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and what you have to offer this podcast?

I’ve been around books and publishing my entire career, including college textbook sales, writing several computer and business textbooks and trade books for Simon and Schuster and other New York publishers, developing and marketing online learning programs, and being the publisher of thousands of books and online courses for InfoSource, Inc., and its SimpleK12 product line for teachers, the company I co-founded and became CEO of many years ago. So, I’m quite familiar with all types of writing and publishing and feel very comfortable speaking with readers and writers of just about any genre.  One of my side-jobs at SimpleK12 was the creation and development of two podcasts for teachers, which SimpleK12 sponsored. Plus, I love learning about what people do and are passionate about, so hosting a podcast is a natural for me.

Who is going to be featured on this podcast? Can you tell us about the first couple of episodes?

We’ll feature contributors who are involved with classes and events at the Library. You can find all Library events HERE where you’ll see an incredible variety of offerings for all ages.

Our first two Books and Beyond episodes are with Cati Koch and Lorelei Buzata; both ladies are involved with The Romancing the Books Festival, a special event on March 23 at the Library, from 11am to 3pm. Romancing the Books will feature 9 romance authors and include a panel discussion, a keynote presentation, and ample opportunity to meet and chat with the authors. (Please see the Events Page at the Library’s website for more details, including how to register for this free event.)

Cati is the Events Coordinator at the local Writer’s Block Bookstore and helps arrange speaking engagements and presentations at the Library for many visiting and local authors. Lorelei is committed to creating a community for romance book readers and authors and runs Lorelei’s Lit Lair.

Where was the podcast recorded? What should I do if I am interested in making a podcast of my own?

Our podcast is recorded in the recording studio at the Library, which is available to all Library patrons on a reservation basis. To create your own podcast, there are quite a few options, but the easiest and least expensive is to use our studio. You’ll need to first take a one-hour Recording Studio Essentials class, run by Jeremy Zorn, who is a Public Services Librarian at the Library and also the production manager of our own Books and Beyond podcast. Check the Events page at the Library’s website for offering dates and times.


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Winter Park Library: Books & Beyond

Cati Koch, Writers Block Bookstore

Writer's Block Bookstore Event Manager Cati Koch joins Michael to discuss the partnership between the Winter Park Library and Writer's Block Bookstore. They highlight this year's Winter Park Book Festival which features books from the romance genre.

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