A Night to Remember: Unveiling Our First-Ever Kid Prom Curated by Library Teens!

By: Lisa Blue, Teen Librarian

April 18, 2024



Winter Park Library is proud to host their first-ever Kid Prom! Taking place on Sunday, April 28th from 3-5 PM in the Community Room on the second floor of the library. This exciting idea was proposed by the Teen Advisory Board as a creative initiative to raise funds for the teen scholarship they generously award to a deserving senior at the end of the spring semester. To shed light on the planning process and the anticipation surrounding the event, we had the pleasure of sitting down with dedicated TAB officer Anna Mullins. 


What inspired you to organize a "Kid Prom" for young elementary school students?

As teens, we remember what it was like to be an elementary school kid. We wanted to create a comfortable location for kids to make new friends. This party will give kids the chance to jam out to music and laugh together, creating memories to last a lifetime.


What kind of activities or entertainment can kids expect at the event?


There will be plenty of fun options for the kids to explore throughout the event. We will have games, a karaoke sing-along, and of course lots of dancing! Our team has put together an incredible playlist that is bound to make you get up and dance. 


Why is TAB throwing a Kid Prom? 

We as library volunteers are very keen on hosting fundraisers especially one like this one to help raise money for our scholarship. Each year the Library in partnership with its Board of Trustees selects one graduating TAB member and honors them for their service to the Library with a $1000 textbook scholarship.  Kid Prom will help the Teen Advisory Board raise money for the scholarship fund and fund other TAB program-related activities and swag. 


As Kid Prom Task Force Leader what has the planning experience been like for this event?

It’s been (organized) chaos haha!  We meet as a team twice a week to design and create our party decor. We have also been tasked to call sponsors to donate treats and goodies which has been hard but exciting. We can't wait to see it all come together!