Leading the Way: Melissa Schneider’s Impact on Winter Park Library

By Nicole Heintzelman, Assistant Director

June 13, 2024

We’re celebrating! With over a year in her current position and a decade of service to the Library, our Executive Director, Melissa Schneider, has not only transformed the institution but has also left a lasting mark on our community. 

Under Melissa’s leadership, the Winter Park Library has remained steadfast in its mission to connect people to knowledge and resources to amplify learning and build a stronger community. Over the last year the Library has greatly expanded our team. With these new team members, the Library now offers more tech and archive support to our patrons than ever before. This year the Library expanded its operating hours to include Sundays in direct response to the stated needs of the community. Increased staff support and being open every day has enhanced the availability of the Library’s resources and services, further solidifying our Library as a cornerstone of our community. 

Melissa's exceptional leadership hasn’t gone unnoticed, as shown by the many praises and awards bestowed upon the Library under her guidance. From the Tech Logic People First Award to being named Best Business for Kids/Teens by the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce and clinching the title of Best Library by Playground Magazine's Family Favorite Award, these honors underscore Melissa's commitment to creating a welcoming and inclusive space for families. In addition to the recognition bestowed upon the Library, Melissa herself has been lauded for her influential leadership. Named one of Winter Park Magazine's Most Influential People in 2023, Melissa's strategic initiatives have led to a significant increase in cardholders.

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This year, Melissa's leadership was further celebrated as she was honored as one of Orlando Business Journal's Women Who Mean Business. In her own words, “My vision for the future of the Library is ambitious yet achievable. I envision our library as not just a place for books, but as a dynamic hub of learning, innovation, and community engagement. I am committed to expanding our services, reaching new audiences, and leveraging technology to enhance access to knowledge and resources. Together, we will strive to be the number one library in Florida.” 

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As we celebrate Melissa's decade of excellence, we are filled with pride and gratitude for her transformative leadership. Her passion, dedication, and vision have not only elevated the Library but have also enriched the lives of countless individuals within our community. Here's to many more years of continued success under Melissa's inspiring leadership.