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My Trip to the Winter Park Library

Man and little girl walk into library


This story will help me remember all of the things I need to know to have a safe and fun day at the library!

When we get to the library, we can go in the west entrance near the parking lot or the east entrance near the Events Center.

Staircase and elevator

Second Floor

The second floor is all for kids, tweens, and teens! I can get there by going up the spiral staircase or the elevator.

Two people behind the library counter

Circulation Desk

If I need help finding where to go, I can look at the map of the library or ask a staff member for help.

I can find books, audiobooks, and DVDs and borrow them from the library.

Ukulele, launchpad, and video games available at the library

Library of Things

The library also has fun things like ukuleles, video games, art boxes, and tablets with games that I can borrow.

I can keep these items for a week and then bring them back for someone else to borrow.

Girl sitting behind desk and waving

Finding Items

If I am looking for a certain item, I can look up where to find it using the kiosk or ask a staff member for help.

Book Bucket for books that are decided against while browsing

Book Buckets

If I pick out an item that I decide I don't want, I can place it in one of the Book Buckets.

There are two near the 2nd floor Information Desk and one in each corner of the 2nd floor.

Self kiosk for checking out books in the library

Self Kiosk

I can check out the items I want to take home at one of the self-check kiosks in the library.

There are two at the 2nd floor Information Desk and six on the 1st floor.

Return books in the building slot or big metal box outside

Returning Books

When I am ready to return my items, I can drop them off outside in the book drop or place them in the return slot near the first floor elevator doors.

Toys and crafts for children at the library

Puzzles & Games

On the second floor, I can also use the computers, play with toys and puzzles, make crafts, and color.

Rows of seats and bookshelves at the library

Quiet Corner

Sometimes at the library, I will have the choice to join a special event. I may be able to do an arts and crafts project, join a class, or play games with a group.

If I don't feel like doing a special activity, I can just look for books and other items like any other day.

I can eat small snacks at the library. I will remember to clean up after myself.

If I feel like I need a break, I can go to a quiet corner of the library like the teen study bar or the benches near the children's picture books.

Walk way and pond outside of library


I can also go outside to the park if I would like room to move around. We love visiting the Winter Park Library!