Tax Assistance at the Library

Update April 5: AARP will now be offering tax assistance by appointment only through Wed., April 28. New appointments have been added to the AARP website. Make an appointment at

AARP Tax Aide volunteers will be providing tax assistance for taxpayers at the Winter Park Library on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. starting Monday, February 22. Tax assistance will take place in the Library's 3rd floor Meeting Room. 

NEW THIS YEAR: Taxpayers must make an appointment on AARP's website,

Due to COVID-19, Taxpayers will:

  • Arrive at their appointed time.
  • Complete AARP's intake/interview form.
  • Have a volunteer scan the required forms and documents into AARP's secure systems.
  • After scanning, taxpayer leaves with all their documents and forms.
  • A second appointment one week later will be scheduled to finalize the return and give the taxpayer their copy.
  • During that week, volunteers will complete returns for the taxpayers remotely. Any taxpayer input will take place via phone or video conferencing.
  • At the appointment one week later, the taxpayer will return to the Library to review their return, sign it, and get a paper copy.
  • If needed, taxpayer input will take place via Google Meet, not face-to-face.

Please be aware that due to tax law changes, AARP will not be able to do returns with self-employment income. This is income reported on Schedule C, Self-Employment Business Income and Expenses.

Taxpayers may also file electronically via the IRS' FreeFile alliance program. 
To get help with electronic tax filing, use the IRS’ FreeFile alliance program offered in association with most well-known tax preparation companies. It is available if your adjusted gross income is below $72,000. Start the process at, which provides links to all participating tax preparers. Most of the FreeFile partner firms include one free state filing as well.
The IRS also has a link to its Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program for the elderly, which offers in-person counseling for those earning $57,000 or less or who are disabled or have problems speaking English. You can search locations on the IRS website, but because of the pandemic, most in-person sites will not be operating this spring.