Learn more about Winter Park History with the Historic Preservation Board’s Historic Fun Facts!

The Winter Park Library celebrates the rich history of our city with the Winter Park Archives, an extensive collection that preserves historical documents, artifacts and photos. We’re excited to share a glimpse into our archives, via our friends at the City of Winter Park with Historic Fun Facts, an initiative from the Historic Preservation Board.

 Facebook post from City of Winter Park

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About the Historic Preservation Board:

The Historic Preservation Board is responsible for the development and administration of a comprehensive historic preservation program. Members are tasked to identify and maintain the city’s historic resources for the benefit of past and future residents, and ultimately give advice and recommendations to the City Commission related to historic preservation. For more information about this board, please access cityofwinterpark.org > Government > Boards > Historic Preservation Board. For more information regarding historic preservation, please access cityofwinterpark.org/historicpreservation