Global Peace Film Festival

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Program Type: Films & Music
Age: Adult

The 2022 Global Peace Film Festival returns to the Winter Park Library featuring films from diverse perspectives and from across the globe.


USA – 2022 – 76 mins.

Directors: Jeff Adachi & Chihiro Wimbush


When a young woman is shot by an undocumented immigrant on Pier 14 in San Francisco, the incident ignites a political and media furor that culminates in Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States. In the eye of this storm, two public defenders fight to reveal the truth.

The Public Defender featured in the film will be on hand to answer questions after the film.


USA – 2021 – 10 mins.

Director: Michael Pedraza

In a city known for innovation and solving some of the world's most difficult challenges, San Francisco is faced with a crisis: how to address the worsening homeless situation.  As thousands of residents flee San Francisco to other parts of the United States, hundreds of homeless arrive in search of a city known for taking in the downtrodden and outcast.
Moved to act, a local doctor begins a journey to chronicle the stories of homeless individuals in his community.  
What he discovers is shockingly transformative. 


USA – 2022 – 85 mins.

Director: Scott Morris

AMERICAN RIVER is a highly-cinematic feature documentary about a four-day kayak trip down one of the most beautiful and neglected waterways in the United States. The film centers on writer Mary Bruno, who spent her childhood along a degraded stretch of the Passaic River and returns decades later to tell its story. Guided by ecologist Carl Alderson, Ms. Bruno travels from the Passaic’s pristine headwaters in a wildlife refuge to its toxic mouth in Newark Bay. Together, they navigate the river’s many challenges and explore its history and geology as they head towards the industrial disaster that poisoned the Passaic for the past 60 years. Along the way, the filmmaker engages residents, historians and advocates in candid conversations that reveal Passaic's story: How did this river become one of the most contaminated in America? Can it be saved? The Passaic is an archetype for thousands of rivers across America facing similar reckonings.

AMERICAN RIVER is a cinematic adventure on both grand and intimate scale. The entire journey was captured from the water, land and air by an experienced crew with multiple 4K cameras under the direction of seasoned filmmaker Scott Morris. Mary and Carl’s dynamic personalities bring insight, urgency and humor to every scene. The film features an original acoustic score by composer Ben Morris, a rich tapestry of archival images, and graphic animation by BigStar.

The director will be on hand to answer questions after the film.