Borrowing Materials from the Library

Q: What items can be checked out?
Anything in our "circulating collection" can be checked out. This includes books, DVDs, CDs, audiobooks, video games, software, mobile hotspots, ukuleles, bicycles, and more.

Q: What items cannot be checked out?
A: Research materials (unless permission is given by a Librarian), magazines, newspapers, and items in the Winter Park History Center's collection. 

Q: How long can I keep the items I check out?
A: Checkout periods vary depending on the type of material.

Books, Audiobooks and CDs

3 weeks

DVDs, Video Games, and Software 

1 week

Downloadable eBooks and audiobooks

1, 2 or 3 weeks – you select the checkout period when you download the item

Mobile Hotspots

1 week


Same-day checkout. Available to full-service card holders.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of items I can check out?
You may check out a maximum of ninety-nine items, including up to twenty DVDs and five video games or pieces of software. Additionally, full-service card holders may check out up to twenty eBooks or audiobooks.

Q: Can items be renewed? How? How many times? 
A: Most items can be renewed up to four times (some exclusions apply). Renewal periods are for the same period of time as the original checkout (e.g., a book checked out originally for three weeks will renew for three weeks). Physical items will automatically renew on their due date, unless someone else has requested them or you've reached the maximum number of renewals. If you have questions about what this means for you, email us at

Q: How can I reserve/hold items if they're unavailable? 
A: Full-service members may place an item on reserve (hold) if the item is checked out, waiting for another member, on order, or otherwise unavailable. Reserves (holds) can be placed in person, by phone, or online. You may place up to ten items on reserve (hold) at a time (some exclusions apply). When an item comes in/is ready for you to pick up, you will be notified according to your account preferences (via an email, text message, or phone call). Items are held for five days. If they are not picked up within five days, the reserve (hold) will be canceled and returned to the shelves. 

Q: How do I cancel or suspend a reserve/hold?
A: You may cancel or suspend your reserves (holds) in person, by phone, or online. Once an item is available for you to pick up, you can cancel it in person or by phone. 

Q: What if the Library doesn't have a book that I want?
 If you are a full-service member and you would like a book that the Library does not own and it is less than a year old, you can fill out a “Suggest a Purchase” form on our website, and we will consider it for purchase. If the book’s publication date is over a year old, ask a Librarian about borrowing the book through our InterLibrary Loan service.

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